If you operate your own events or tournaments with live finals then Heero is a great companion to boost fan engagement. We support event and tournament organisers across 3 main stages; pre-event, during the event and post-event.



Add news about your event or tournament and let fans engage and get all the information they need.

Squads & Player Profiles

List the teams participating and provide full player profiles.

Match Schedule & Fantasy Predictions

List the event or tournament schedule in the App and let your fans start making fantasy predictions before the event begins. This can continue throughout the event and boosts engagement from physical attendees and remote viewers.





Twitch Streams

Let remote viewers watch your event or tournament Twitch stream directly from inside the App.

Scores & Fantasy Leaderboard

As fans make predictions and earn points they will get listed in a leaderboard. Display the predictions on the event big screen and celebrate those performing well in the leaderboard.


Create competitions and giveaways for your fans – all they have to do is complete a simple form to enter and you can track all the submissions through your admin area.




Got loads of great footage and highlight videos from your event? Let fans watch all the highlights by linking your YouTube videos to the App so that fans can watch them whenever they want.


Analytics, User Details and Push Notifications

We’ll also provide you with access to see how your fans are using your App, how often they use it and what features they use the most. You also get the ability to send Push Notifications to your fans to alert them to new content you’ve added.



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