Social Media. You can pretty much guarantee every esports team is using Social Media to promote content and build their team brand. The sad thing is that Social Media is great for some things but it isn’t a silver bullet and there are some things it is really bad at.

One-to-one marketing is one of the things Social Media is really bad at. As consumers we have changed and we expect the brands we interact with to understand us. We expect them to know our needs and desires and be able to communicate with us effectively across multiple channels.

Marketing is changing

In marketing circles this is what brands are driving towards – omni-channel marketing. Social Media is one of the channels you can use but it is one of many. What data is captured from Social Media that can be used to influence future communications with an individual fan? Very little and that is one of the things that puts Social Media behind other marketing channels.

Using tools like Google Analytics and UTM tagging on links are great in determining what type of content fans are engaging with but once they visit the website what happens next? Unless you have other ways to capture data and other communication channels the only way you can try to engage with that fan is another Social Media broadcast. But broadcasts are having less impact and with Facebook’s most recent changes to News Feed it will become even more challenging to build engagement and visibility around content.



As a customer you will already know which brands provide personalised communication to you and do it across multiple channels. Amazon is a great example of this. Once they have purchase history for you – the emails you get sent will provide suggestions on what to buy next. Their default communication channel is email because they know they can provide that personalised one-to-one experience. Amazon are also building up an understanding of you as an individual from your web browsing and purchase history.

Can Esports answer the big marketing questions?

The big marketing questions are going to hit esports teams now that more money is coming in to the space. Those questions range from “who is my ideal fan?” to “how should I communicate with them?” and “when is the best time to communicate with them”?

Sadly Social Media doesn’t provide the answers to these questions which makes it much harder to market to and monetise a fan.

Philip Wride
Philip is the Founder of Heero and has been involved in esports since 2001 where he spent time managing the legendary 4Kings. He's also played rugby since the age of 10 and won the Dubai 7's Gulf Mens Open tournament in 2016 with Abu Dhabi Harlequins.